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Medium body, a fruity bouquet and a long finish culminate in this delicate ruby-red Italian wine.


This California wine, cordially called "Zin", is famous for its racy tannins and sun-ripening raspberry nose. The acidity level is balanced with a perfect alcohol content producing a full-bodied and heady wine. Comprising of red berries, black cherries, pepper, and spice accents, this excellent balance presents beautifully in the mouth.

 This marvelous varietal is the pride of Tuscany. You will notice a deep red robe that is accompanied by mellow tannins that provide a pinch of vanilla. Its slightly woody nose with liquorice and fruit jam aromas intensifies upon reaching maturity. Your pallet will be pleased to experience fresh and refined hints of cherry, cocoa and violets.

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The wine is deep and dark in color with the warm presence of black fruit and berries. Ageing this wine will reveal earthy and spicy aromas matched with a velvety color. You will taste a rich smoky flavor comprising of red fruits and a hint of bittersweet chocolate. The red fruit flavors of plums, black cherries and blackberries makes this wine a meal on its own.


It undergoes a metamorphosis as it ages. You will have aromas comprising of a generous bouquet of violets and earthy spices. An early experience of this wine will present hints of small fruits and cherries. Over time, these flavors will transform into fig, prune and chocolate. Long in the mouth, it becomes more velvety as it matures..

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