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The Experience
We believe winemaking should be an enjoyable and memorable journey, not a single event. At our club, the winemaking experience begins with a complimentary tasting of handcrafted wines allowing you the firsthand opportunity to select from dozens of types and grades the type you will later make. Your next stop on the journey includes the process of customizing your very own design: from picking out the bottles, corks, and caps to creating unique labels. Have a pet picture or a catchy or sentimental title for your wine label? No problem! You are making memories!

Once you have chosen the type of wine kit you would like to make, we can immediately start the process with you. Because winemaking should always be a social time, depending on the size of your group, you may engage in the next steps with others starting the winemaking process at that same time or you can opt to reserve the club for your own party.

Most of our winemaking is done in small batches of 6 gallons. These 6 gallons will yield between 27-30 750ml bottles or 55-60 375ml bottles. If you are interested in larger batches we can accommodate you and your party. It takes 2-4 visits to the club over the next 6-8 weeks to complete your wine, but you may have to wait patiently to drink your wine depending on the variety.

The Process
With our experienced winemakers, you will begin the primary fermentation process by blending the winekits with natural spring water and the flavor-specific ingredients, like oak wood and yeast. Your wine will then be sealed in an airlock container at our facility, fermenting for 7-10 days, though certain wines will require a longer duration.
Our winemakers will work “to rack” your wine from the fermentation container into a 5-gallon glass carboy where its ready “to be cleared.” This is when we separate the settled sediment out the from the –a process that also takes from 7-10 days, with some of the white and fruit wines requiring an additional 5-7 days to clear.
When your party returns in 30-60 days, it is finally time for the bottling of your wine—the most rewarding and memorable step! After the bottling, capping, and corking, it's time to label bottles, box up and take home your personal wines and unique creations!

When you take your wine home, storage is very important.

The bottles should be stored in the boxes or a rack on their sides.
Many of the white wines can be consumed in a few months.
The bottles should be turned a 1/4 turn every 2-3 months. They are at their peak from 12-24 months of the bottling date. Generally, most people who make their own wines consume them within a few years or days anyway. They never last long in our house or around the club!
The more complex red wines and red blends should be aged for at least 12 months in the bottle. The great news: We use very small amounts of sulfites (approximately 5 grams per 6 gallons), meaning the wine will last for up to three years (and usually no one ends up with a headache!).

Join Us!
What are you waiting for? Join our growing club today! Our space is designed to provide a comfortable atmosphere with a casual and social approach to winemaking. We create an environment where you and your friends have everything you need to succeed—and have fun! Each time you visit our club, you will find the personal winemaking experience fulfilling and memorable! Trying new homemade and handcrafted wines will elevate your love of wine to the next level. When you begin to work with our winemaker and winemaker assistances you will experience their passion for winemaking, and they will treat your wine as their own.

Wine Making Experience